Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Number 23

Imagine a number that starts haunting you unendingly, like Detective Fingerling (Jim Carrey) in the novel that Walter is gifted on his birthday. The number 23 Enigma haunts Suicide Blonde in the novel leading to her death. It haunts the detective who becomes a maniac trying to solve the mystery and in the process, commits a murder. The number then starts haunting Walter (Jim Carrey) whose life seems to be dictated by the novel, as if the author knew every moment of his life. He slowly realises that everything around him adds up to 23. His birthday, his house no, his car, the street he lives on, the day he met his wife, the day they got married, the time on the clock right now, everything points to 23. The narrative becomes creepy when Walter gets obsessed with the number and starts showing homicidal tendencies. Then begins a search for the author of the book, who seems more and more familiar, till he is traced back to Walter's past. A fast-paced, chilling murder mystery, that flares your deepest fears, till you start looking into personal life for parallels. Jim Carrey plays the role of an ordinary man baffled with a manic obsession for the protagonist of his novel, who he imagines to be his own self, to perfection.
Directed by Joel Schumacher, this dark psychological thriller haunts you for hours after you have seen it.
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