Friday, January 9, 2009

Culinary delights

Been out of action for sometime, since my laptop has been giving me problems. I'm not really sure what the problem is but this is the 4th time in 2 months that my notebook has crashed. The HP Service Centre in Bangalore kept telling me that the mother board has crashed and that they had replaced the mother board all three times i went to them. But the HP Service Centre in Singapore tells me that they did not find any replacement of motherboard in their India records. Now that is puzzling. This time they say they have replaced the main board. I hope it lasts longer than a month this time.

Anyways, now that my laptop is back, let me tell you about all the new restaurants i have discovered.

Go India at Vivocity is the find of the month. I would say that's the best Indian food, I have eaten so far in Singapore. The lacha parathas were nice, crispy, and as lacha as they come. And the Bharwan Baingan Masala was heavenly. It came with a medium spicy peanut masala with a generous helping of curry leaves. It was delicious. This must be my first satisfying meal in Singapore in the last one month i have been here.

Apart from Go India, Thai Express has been an absolute delight. Thai Express is a chain of restaurants, and has a good variety of vegetarian meals. The vegetarian laksa (Thai noodles) was heavenly. The yellow coconut gravy was thick and spicy and reminded me of those awesome curries back in Kerala. Portions were huge, with generous helpings of a variety of vegetables. Aw, well I still cant use chopsticks so we better not get into details of how I eat. The dessert was a delicious non-oily batter-fried banana fritters with coconut ice-cream. We are fans.

Little India has been disappointing for a second time The Banana Leaf Apollo had none of the Apollo dishes available for dinner. I took with me a couple of Vietnamese friends to taste the Indian curry. And after being told that 3 of the dishes they had asked for were not available,we finally settled for the Murgh Dahiwala with rotis. The Dahiwala was a delicious gravy, and the rotis crisp, so were the garlic naans, though the Simla Mirch Masala stuffed with cottage cheese and corn was a disappointment. It was loaded with added colour, and spicy. Though tasty, I wouldnt really call it a healthy meal with all the extra colour and oil.

Oh but the best meal, for all you Indians out there missing Mom's food, is at the Kopitiam in the basement of Vivocity. Look out for the Indian counter in the non-halal section. They have set rice meals and set chapati meals with 3 vegetables of your choice and a dal. The food is light, non-greasy, subtly spiced, and delicious. Just like home-food. Its a favourite with office-goers from around Vivocity.

Kopitiam (coffee - tea centre) are basically cafe's that have a variety of food counters ranging from chicken, fish, wok, claypot, rice, vegeterian, etc. Kopitiams generally have two-section halal, marked by yellow counters and non-halal marked by green counters. While back in India, green would mean purely vegeterian :) Koptiams can be found all across the city, and are a good stop for a clean, tasty, meal that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

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