Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An ideal society ?

Two cops are suspended in Etawah, UP for ruthlessly beating up a little girl, as shown in a video clip by the Indian media. http://www.in.com/news/readnews-current-affairs-cops-beat-up-a-5yearold-girl-in-etawah-835ccf457b43ce0cee50b61b0b43c754127f8abd-53504-true.html It is not for the first time that this has happened. In fact, I would say that this is no different from the way the Indian parent beats up his kid for not "behaving". This was probably the first time it was caught on camera. So, I would say that the cop was only behaving in a manner that was expected of him, from the society that hands over a six year old to him for thieving. What kind of a society, I ask, has 6-year olds thieving around instead of going to school? What kind of society makes a six year old desperate enough to steal? What kind of a society, instead of providing for its children, hands them over to the cops when they falter? And why should I bother about society, I dont live in an uneducated, impoverished Etawah? No, I do not, but that is where my driver, my maid, my plumber, my watchman, my sabziwallah and dudhwallah come from.

Oh no, I would not take this opportunity, to blame the uneducated politicians of UP, or the corrupt bureaucracy. It is the common man, you and me, who does not bother about the state of our future citizens. It is easier to blame the authorities. But what have we done to ensure that our kids get a decent education, to ensure that they get two meals a day, to ensure that they are clothed and sheltered. Instead, we are ever-ready to teach these six-year old miscreants a lesson. Arent we experts at doing that, turning a blind eye to the urchins banging at our car windows at the red signal?

Oh, but what can I do? I'm so helpless. We Indians, are experts at technology, we are experts at strategy, we are experts at multi-tasking, diplomacy, working in stressful conditions, and even ass-licking. We just feel so helpless when we see a six year old being beaten up on camera.

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