Monday, March 30, 2009

Pakistan and Me

Terrorists raid a police training centre in Lahore. Rescue operations have been on for the past 5 hours. Well i guess at such a time most Indians would say serves them right. I wonder what the average Paki goes thru. The average citizen who lives the class-struggle and slogs to get two meals a day. Keeps waging a war against corrupt politicians and beuraucrats constantly. Suffers a military coup every 4-5 years, in a country where political assasinations is business as usual. Hopes for a liberal, unbiased education for his kids. Craves for a better media, with more freedom of speech. Fears further confinement of its women. Dreads another bombing in the neighbourhood. Is he really any different from the average Bihari in Mumbai dreading the onslaught of the Sena? Are his problems really any different from mine? Does he really deserve this?

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