Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did u know bells could make sweet soulful music? I didnt, I only discovered it today, thanks to M.O.B. Music on Bells. I chanced upon this performance of M.O.B. at the Concourse at Esplanade this evening. Oh, and before I forget, I have seen some of the most creative, quirky, and intriguing performances for free at the Esplanade Concourse and Theatres by the Bay in Singapore. Coming back to M.O.B. these guys are brilliant. They play entire symphonies merely with hand-bells. They a number of movie-scores including The Olympic Fire, The Star Wars Theme, Darth-Veda Theme, you got to see it to believe it. The tune that stuck in my mind was "Phantom of the Opera theme", but the icicing was "Pink Panther theme". These guys create magic with their hand-bells. Here are some of their you tube videos.

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